Luxury Golf Vacations with Exotic Golf Courses in China

With globalization of Chinese Economy which started since 1980, many golf courses were constructed and opened to world since 1995. Over last two decades, the country has seen a number of golf courses being constructed all over. Due to cost effective fee of playing golf in China, many foreign tourists visit China for a golf getaway. China has hundreds of golf courses and resorts which are open for international tourists and golfers.


Chinese government is also promoting tourism in China and golf is playing a major role on that. Luxury golf tours to China not only gives you amazing experience of playing golf in exotic resorts but also allows you to explore incredible China with sightseeing included in the packages. Many of the golf courses are located in vicinity to famous tourist spots.

Some of the most famous golf resorts in China

Longxi Hotspring Golf Club – Beijing

Longxi Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course designed by an Australian Designer Mr. Leswatts in British Style. It is an exotic resort located above natural underground hot springs and thus is named as Longxi Hotspring Golf Club. It features an indoor hot spring area incorporating two dozen of natural hot springs on it. It also has a world class fitness centre and luxurious massage and treatments rooms to experience luxury and leisure.

Guangzhou Mission Hills Golf Course – Shenzhen

Stretched across Shenzhen and Dongguan in Southern China, Mission Hills is ranked as world’s number one golf club along with also being the largest in the world. The resort has been designed by the contribution of 12 world famous golf legends. It is an international golf community that has lot to offer like luxury, leisure, business and lifestyle along with amazing golfing experience.

Kunming Spring City Golf & Lake Resort – Kunming

Spring City Golf & Lake Resort is a premier golf resort located in Kunming, with luxury villas and two famous championship golf courses – The Mountain Course and Lake Course. This resort is among the most beautiful golf resorts in the world with majestic mountains and a crystal lake along with amazing spring weather all year round.

Mission Hills Golf packages

Guilin Merry Land Golf Club – Guilin

Guilin Merry Land Golf Course designed by American Designer Golden Louise has a theme park nearby, making it an ideal choice for golfers and vacationers who love golf.

With over 500 golf courses in the country, China Golf Tour Packages are becoming popular among the golf players and lovers because of the world class facilities in a cost effective budget.


Golf Getaways – Perfect Way to Spend Your Holidays


With such a hectic schedule in metros, people are very frequent in terms of travelling and leisure to get relax. Holidays or adventure getaways are perfect stress buster and this is the reason why most corporate companies always offer weekend trips or holidays to their employees as part of employee engagement activities. After quality time spent, professionals work with greater efficiency and motivation. Thus off beat tours are quite in demand from travel companies across the globe. These trips or adventure getaways breaks the boredom and monotony and motivates to work with a great zeal.

But when it comes to choose the perfect destination for adventure getaways, it becomes hard to choose the perfect one. There are so many options when it comes to select the tours but a combination of leisure and adventure tour is very hard to find. Well we suggest you a combo of both – Golf Getaways. Golf is one of the most classic and luxury game, admired all across the globe. Nowadays there are many golf resorts across the globe which offers golf tours for the tourists where you may have adventure of golf and leisure time in luxurious resorts.


A golf trip can be a great option for spending your holidays in greenery and pollution free atmosphere. China Golf tours could be one with the preferred options for the vacationers who are willing to explore the beauty of nature along with an exciting game of Golf. China golf resorts offer different economical and attractive deals for travelers to let them enjoy happily with best in class golf getaways.

China has become a popular golf destination across the globe as it has best in class golf resorts, amazing packages and superb scenic beauty.  These packages are not only for golf players but for the tourists also who are the lover of golf or nature. China Golf Packages are very cost effective and pocket friendly as they offer superb facilities at cost effective prices. These tours are for the places like Hainan, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, where some of the world’s best golf resorts are inhabited.

The most famous golf resort of China is – Mission Hill Golf Resort, which is the biggest golf resort of the world. The resort is promoted by most of the travel companies in China with amazing offers for Mission Hill Golf Packages. The resort is the favorite golf resort of many of the international golf players as they have experienced the luxury golf tours offered by the resort.

Experience Amazing China Golf Packages at Affordable Rates

China Golf Tour

China Golf Tour

China is one of the most popular golf destinations these days across the globe with more than 500 golf courses in the country. Golfers from all across the globe are coming to China to explore the beauty of China along with amazing golf experience. Guests can enjoy their stay at different Golf Resorts in China that offers standard facilities and customer services. Travel agents across the globe are also promoting China’s Golf tourism proactively making China as a famous landmark for international golfers. Not only professional and amateur golf players are visiting China for golf tourism, but usual golf lovers or travelers are also taking interest in China Golf Tours.

China Golf Resorts

China Golf Resorts

People planning for holidays out of their country find China a suitable destination in terms of economy travel with luxury facilities. Holidays always serve as a break from the monotonous daily routine in life of people and thus they often plan for holidays to remove boredom from the life. And when one finds China Golf Packages at amazingly low prices, there is no reason to overlook that option. A golf trip can always be very exciting and adventurous as golf is really a sport which is very close to nature. Going for an off-beat travel plan, golf tourism can be a very nice option to experience the beauty of nature along with the world’s most exclusive game.

Mission Hills Golf Resorts

Mission Hills Golf Resorts

If you are looking for an international holiday destination for your vacations then you can always seek for China Golf Tour with your friends and family. China is having a number golf resorts which are exclusive and offer best in class hospitality to guests. China has some very exclusive vacation points where tourists enjoy their vacations with natural beauty and luxury. Most of the travel packages cover famous spots like Hainan, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Mission Hills Golf Resort is one the hottest golf destination in China and is also ranked top in world rankings. It is one of the largest golf resorts all across the globe which has a lot to offer along with a pleasurable stay and golfing experience. The resort is famous for its natural serene beauty and lush green surrounds. The resort has hosted some of the world’s greatest tournaments and thus now very popular among all the international golfers who often come and stay here. It has also a training academy which provides training to amateur and novice golfers.

Panning for a Unique Golf Destination, Go for China Golf Tour

China Golf Tours IMG_1202-224x300 IMG_1204-224x300

China as an emerging destination for golf players and is fetching great attraction around the globe. If you are planning for luxury golf tours you must choose Mission Hills Golf resort. Well!  You must have no doubt on the enormity of the country like China.  Undoubtedly China is a vast country and is known for emerging destination for golf players. As I know, people have growing interest in games and particularly golf. Chinese golf players are participating in world renowned championship across the world and their potential can not be subsided.

The country has nearly five hundred golf courses with state-of-art facility. Different areas designed meticulously bring considerable notice of the players. You can select areas according your suitability and choice. What I think that spring is the most suitable season to play golf in China. From my previous experience I would suggest to my fellow golf players that it you have planned to go for unique golf destination you must choose China Golf Tours that offers you special packages. This not only saves money but also you precious time. You get maximum significant time to concentrate on your lovable game.

I have a good experience with China Golf Tours that facilitated me throughout the journey. It offers golf vacations and holidays for Chinese golfer to various other places as well. Get an opportunity with China Golf Tour to visit Mission Hills Golf Resort that has best recreation and sports facilities.  I would really love to share this fact that this premium golf resorts offers best golf experience.

You can easily reach Mission Hills that takes not more that fifteen minutes rum from Haikou International Airport by driving. A China Golf Tour package offered by China Golf Tourism is really refreshing and exciting that I have experienced and usually suggest my fellows. I hope you would be experiencing this luxury golf tours very soon at smart economical packages.

Experience The Best Golfing Holiday With Mission Hills Golf Resort

The world of golf has changed a lot in the recent past. In China too, golf is played with great interest and enthusiasm and there has been many golf courses across the city. Some of the major cities that have golf resorts are Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hainan etc.

Here, we will talk about the Mission Hills golf resort in Hainan that is one of the biggest golf resorts with various other facilities. It is situated in a very famous tropical island with beautiful seashores and coastlines. It is also one of the desired tourism destinations pioneering the development of luxury golf in China and its culture.


If you are looking forward to take a golfing holiday then mission hills golf tours would be an ideal option. You can opt for any of the tours provided by China golf tours and all these tours come with various golf packages. As per my knowledge, one of the finest golf resorts is in Haikou. Including 10 golf courses, it is also known as ‘Golf Macau’ because domestic golfers have their golfing holidays here all the year round. Each of the courses offers the best golfing experience for all the national and international golfers. You can reach Mission Hills Golf Resort within 15 minutes by driving from Haikou International Airport.

China Golf tours packages include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Interested tourists can opt any of these packages according to their needs and budget. These golf packages will help you to enjoy your golfing vacation with an opportunity to explore the winner of various international awards.